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About Us

The Clarks Fork Yellowstone Partnership was created from the dinner table discussion of two good friends who love the Clarks Fork River and the way of life in the valley. The idea quickly grew with the support of local recreationists, conservation agencies and the agricultural community. We were awarded 501(c)(3) nonprofit designation in June 2022, and came to encompass both the Clarks Fork River drainage and the Rock Creek drainage later that summer. Although we are in the beginning stages of our development, historically watershed organizations have flourished in Montana for more than 25 years. In many areas across the state, these organizations have facilitated groundbreaking conservation strategies, and helped to build trust and discover shared values within diverse communities. The geographical area of the Clarks Fork River watershed is large, and encompasses a diverse group of stakeholders. As a non regulatory, community-driven organization, we promote communication and partnership across that stakeholder base to help promote and preserve stream ecology.


Clarks Fork Yellowstone Watershed

The Clarks Fork Yellowstone Watershed is comprised of over 200 miles of rivers and streams and 1 million acres of land. Water is the very lifeblood of our communities. Agriculture dominates the economic engine of the watershed and is also the driver behind our area’s culture of land stewardship and community. Tourism is also important to the local economy, with Red Lodge Mountain Ski Area, the Beartooth All American Highway, Yellowstone National Park Northeast Entrance, and thousands of acres of public lands in National Forest and Bureau of Land Management. 



over 2,000 square miles


water to communities, agriculture, and wildlife habitats


stunning landscapes from arid sage brush prairie to forested mountains, and from archaeology sites to generational ranches


to a diverse array of wildlife, including deer, beaver, grizzly bears, elk and a wide array of birds

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